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Birthdate:May 12
Cal Chandler was a United States politician whose life belonged to everyone except himself. One night, he sank to the lowest he'd ever been, and that was when Milliways found him. Some of the things he saw and experienced in that strange restaurant changed him, and for the first time he started to take control and fight for the man he wanted to be. He paid the price with his life, gunned down by the mob after he publicly exposed them. He saw it coming, of course. He was ready to die. What he wasn't ready for was finding himself back in Milliways, still very much in existence and facing the prospect of grieving his own death. His life wasn't a good one, but it had its bright points, things and people he'll never see again.

When the weight of death became too heavy, Milliways stepped in once more. Cal is alive again, but it's not safe for him to go home. He understands that, and has received enough of a glimpse into the future of his home world to allow him to find closure and start letting go and moving on. Someday he'll be ready to find a new world to live on, and a new life to build, but for now, Milliways is home for as long as he needs it.

[Cal Chandler is from the musical The Fix, and is the property of John Dempsey and Dana P Rowe. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.]

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